Bruno Fernandes Tattoo and Its meanings | Arm Tattoo

Bruno Fernandes Tattoo | What tattoo does Bruno Fernandes have?

Tattoos in football have become a heavy fashion and a way to portray one’s lifestyle. Famous footballers like Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Ramos, Zlatan, and many others have gone through several needles to get their bodies painted.

And there is a Portuguese talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo who does not have a single tattoo on his body just because he regularly donates blood.

Every Tattoo depicts a story and a reason behind it. No way, anyone would just put permanent ink in their body, unless you are the Spanish defender, Alberto Moreno, who has a tattoo of a monkey wearing glasses and headphones. Can you imagine any reason for it?

And there is Leroy Sane, who just tattoos his whole back him celebrating a goal. The moment was of Man City’s 5-3 victory over Monaco in the Round of 16. Later they lost the match in the second league. It’s got a story, but FUNNY.

However, unlike Moreno and Sane, Bruno Fernandes is totally sensible in putting the ink on his body. Bruno has not so many tattoos but every painting on his body has meaning behind it.

Where are Bruno’s tattoos and What do they mean?

Wiki and Fact present you with all the tattoos of the Portuguese midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, where are they, and what do they represent?

Fernandes Arm Tattoo and Its meaning (Right Hand)

One of the most noticeable tattoos of the Manchester United star, Bruno Fernandes is on his arm. To be specific, on his forearm, the lower half of the arm, there is a black tattoo that is rounded.

The length of the tattoo is almost 5 cm. And the tattoo contains just 2 words written on it.

Number 8 and the meaning behind it | Why does Bruno Fernandes have an 8 tattoo?

The first letter painted on his forearm is Number 8, the iconic jersey he wears while playing for both Portugal and Manchester United. However, the reason behind his decision to put ink on his hand is not just limited to it and has a special reason behind it.

Bruno Fernandes hand tattoo with number "8"
Bruno Fernandes hand tattoo with number “8” Source: IMAGO/PA Images

If you ask why Bruno has tattooed Number 8 on his hand, then it is mainly his admiration for his dad, Jose Fernandes. He wanted to carry the legacy of his father who used to wear the jersey with the same number during his time. In an interview, he told,

“[The number eight] is the number he was using for two years,” he said. “Because it was also his dream [to be a footballer], it makes my dream a little bit of him.”

Word ‘F’ written on the back of the Right Forearm | What does it mean?

Just opposite the side of the 8 written on his right forearm, he has another letter written on his hand. And it if the letter ‘F’, Bruno got in his hand.

Bruno Fernandes hand tattoo "F"
Bruno Fernandes hand tattoo “F” Source: Matt West/BPI

However, the real reason, Bruno put the word ‘F’ on his hand has not been revealed yet. The player himself has never talked about the tattoo and why he has it. But it is predicted that the tattoo ‘F’ on his right hand represents his paternal family name which starts with F.

Fernandes Tattoo ’23’ and Its meaning (Left Hand) | What does tattoo No 23 mean?

Unless you are a hardcore fan of Bruno Fernandes or the one regularly noticing his body, you may miss another tattoo of Bruno Fernandes. On his left hand, back of the forearm, there is a small tattoo, the number ’23’ written in black.

But, what does it mean though?

Firstly, let’s be clear, the tattoo is not for fashion. It carries a special meaning for the Portuguese midfielder.

The first time, Bruno was included in the national team of Portugal was in 2017 and at that time, he could not wear the Jersey number 8 as it was occupied by another midfielder, Joao Moutinho. So, he was offered the Number 23 Jersey at that time.

Bruno Fernandes hand tattoo "23"
Bruno Fernandes hand tattoo “23” Source: Getty Images

It is the same number he has on his arm to remember the special feeling to be able to represent his nation in international tournaments.

Bruno Fernandes Tattoo on Body

Fans may be wondering if the former Sporting midfielder, Bruno Fernandes has any other paintings on his body parts. The answer is No, Bruno Fernandes does not have any tattoo on his body, or legs except on his hands.

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